Sunday, July 3, 2011

Open to Editorializing

So, if you caught my previous post, Writer Blocked, you'll recall that my frustration with a certain author got the better of me and that I lowered myself to calling her a less than flattering name. While I'm still of the opinion that said author more than lives up to a variety of colorful descriptions, calling her a name wasn't necessary. Accurate? Perhaps, but not necessary. 

It took my mother reminding me what the purpose of this venue was created for... Celebrating the joy in the most ordinary of circumstances. While the word "joy" is a small word, it's definition is broad. One example of joy might be finding happiness in humility and in the fact that I can admit when I'm wrong about a poor decision (or, choice of words, in this case.)

So here goes it... my first editorial retraction.

I apologize to said author for calling you what I did (even though in the grand scheme of things, it was pretty mild.) That was wrong of me on many, many parts. Primarily, because I believe that I'm slightly more creative than to settle for ordinary, run of the mill foulness. If I were to think about it long and hard enough, I have more than enough faith in my vocabulary that I could unleash a virtual word-storm to accurately convey my point.    

I digress.

I suppose that the joy-based reason for my apology is that it's just not nice. As simple as it sounds, it's the truth. The entire purpose of my reaching out to her was because I wanted her help and acceptance. Silly me for assuming that most people live by The Golden Rule. I supposed that she would "do for me" as I would "do to others." My mistake. But, by me being testy and saying what I said, I became no better than her. 

Perhaps the lesson here is that snarky is as snarky does. So, I'll try to live less snarky in the future.

Thanks Mom!


  1. So glad you are blogging, Erin! Congratulations on this endeavor. Looked under your book tab and thought I would recommend a book for you that I really found fascinating: Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. Tell me what you think after your read.

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  3. @ Aunt Nancy - SO glad you're following me. Hopefully I'll get my pages up and published soon so there's even more content. I will certainly check out the book. I love, love, love reading so I'm always looking for good reads! I'm about to do a feature on Same Kind of Different As Me - SO GREAT! xoxo

    @ Kelsey - Thanks for joining and I hope you find my posts enjoyable and get a good laugh at my expense! I can't wait to follow you as well :)