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It's our duty as citizens of this world to contribute in making it a better place for all. Whether it be through the donation of our time, resources or financial contributions, we can all make a difference and contribute to the betterment of our society

Here are a few of the organizations I find worthwhile:

Not all battle wounds are physical... For generations, returning veterans have received little to no mental care upon returning home after their  service defending our country, our way of life and the freedom and liberty that we all share. Because of the lack of services offered to our Vets, many find their acclamation into civilian society almost impossible. It's the Project's goal to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded warriors in this nation's history.

Visit for more information as to how you can help those who have unselfishly and honorably helped us. 

His Middle Name is a site dedicated to educating and supporting those with high-risk pregnancies and related complications after the birth their newborns. From complication filled pregnancies, extended NICU stays, and the eventual joyful and momentous occasion of bringing our precious babies home. His Middle Name strives to support families in similar situations. While this is currently a platform for support and education, the Lubin's hope to eventually make this a non-profit organization to assist families with similar situations. Read the very personal and uplifting story of the Lubin's and find out more about His Middle Name by clicking here.

The Jackson L. Graves Foundation was created specifically to improve the quality of life for neonatal and pediatric patients and families involved in critical care situations. The Foundation "provides family-centered care in the NICU environment to make trying times as comfortable, complete, hopeful and peaceful as possible." To learn more about the Foundation and how you can contribute to such a worthy cause, click here.

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