Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'll Find Joy In This, Too

Moments ago, Casey Anthony was acquitted on all counts of murder. My heart is full and my stomach is ill. 

I've followed this case for nearly 2 years. At the time the story first broke, I wasn't a mother but my heart ached for the poor child that was taken, and I mean TAKEN far too soon. Now that I am a mother this case took an extraordinary toll on my endeavor to live peacefully and with joy.

But, I managed to do just that in a seemingly no-joy situation. I know that she will face the ultimate sentencing when she meets her Maker. I fully believe that there is no earthly punishment that can begin to measure up to what the Lord has in store for her. If I were to think of the most horrid, painful, vindictive and brutal of punishments, I wholeheartedly believe that it would be nothing more than a speck in comparison to what God's plan is for this. I find GREAT joy and comfort in that. 

Don't quote me on this, but I don't believe that acquittals by Man's laws mean much at the pearly gates. Much joy found in that...


  1. Agreed. Just glad I did not have to sit on that jury and find her "innocent"...

  2. At least if I had been on the jury it would have ended up as a "hung jury" and it would have had to be retried. Yeah, I know... more expense, more time and more ya-ya. And maybe the outcome would have been the same. BUT, in the meantime, she'd be sitting in a jail cell, WONDERING and WORRYING what the outcome would be. I would have wanted it to be Life With No Parole, too. I used to be all for the death sentence but now I think that's getting off too easy! The younger the perp, the sweeter Life With No Parole becomes!