Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thoughts on 30, Part 1

The Dirty on Thirty is an idea that I came up with last year as my time in my twenties were coming to a rapid close. As I clung to what was left of my "me" decade, I wanted to chronicle my lessons learned and... my lessons not learned very well.

It became evident that this could take a while and that perhaps this endeavor may be better suited as a feature of this blog rather than one wham-bam post. I'm thinking about this purely logically - NOT because I'm a deep or philosophical thinker. I'm writing it as a featured series because, well honestly, things pop in and out of my head so sporadically that I could never get all my points across in a single post. I'm pretty sure that has something to do with ADD. Let me take my meds and I'll get back to you on that... (Insert uncontrollable laugh here)

Again, as I often do, I digress...

I really wanted to separate my stories, experiences, laughable screw-ups and lessons so that I can give them each the proper attention they deserve and hopefully give you, my followers, something to take from each post. If you're interested, I'm keeping a running list under the Thirty Thoughts tab of this page. Check in often to see what somewhat practical situations I've run into that I've been able to learn from. So here it is y'all. The first installment of many more to come. Laugh at it, take it or leave it but most of all, enjoy it - 

Thoughts on 30, Lesson 1

This is a quicky but a goodie. It's a quicky because it takes no brain power whatsoever to comprehend...

The Golden Rule is a good rule. Use it! 

'Nough said on that one. 

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